Meeting the County's Vision for EVOC

The Sully-Miller team brings more than 90 years of experience in the Southern California area and has teamed with KPFF Consulting Engineers, a multi-office, multi-discipline Engineering Firm with over 55 years of design management expertise in Southern California. Sully-Miller has safely delivered over 3,000 projects in the Southern California Market and brings strong and unique assets for successfully delivering the objectives of the County. The Sully-Miller/KPFF team recently delivered similar success on the University of California at Irvine – Bison Parking Facility and Infrastructure Design-Build project.

Sully-Miller Companies consist of Sully-Miller Contracting, United Rock and Blue Diamond Materials. Each company supports the other. Blue Diamond Materials provides the hot mix asphalt manufacturing, United Rock supplies the aggregate, and Sully-Miller Contracting executes the projects. Accessibility to extensive resources and capabilities enables Sully-Miller Contracting to handle a broad spectrum of projects.

The nature of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Emergency Vehicle Operations Center (EVOC) Project requires Sully-Miller’s and KPFF’s expertise in collaboration, in meeting construction challenges, as well as their capacity to build the project rapidly, safely and ahead of schedule. As we illustrate, our design provides the County with an unparalleled option to building the most efficient and successful project possible.

Sully-Miller meets both your vision and specification for the EVOC, and commits to delivering your projects 200 days early.

The skill and expertise of the Sully-Miller/KPFF team, matched with our commitment to collaboration and the capacity to meet every project objective, makes our approach truly the more constructive way to build.